"Irako Black Cow."I started handling it.

6In the "2019 Agricultural Output by Municipality" released by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on October 15, 2019,
5Tahara City, which had been the no. 1 in japan for the consecutive year, fell to the top place.

However, until now, in the farmer's colleagues

"Few people know that Tahara City ranks first in agricultural output nationwide."
"I wonder if the place in Tahara City comes with a pin in the first place?"
In order to break away from such a moyamoya feeling,
"We have to promote not only quantity but also quality."

We have more opportunities to discuss such a thing.

"Tahara Pork" is a pig farmer, and our company, which handles meat as a sixth industrial sector,
Among Wagyu farmers in Aichi Prefecture, it is rumored that the level of Tahara City is high
I knew it originally,
I was wondering that there are few opportunities to hear names at restaurants.

Among them, we focused on the Kuroge Wagyu beef "Irago Black Beef", which we branded in 2017.
It is a Japanese black beef that is characterized by beautiful and gentle sashi and elegant aroma grown on the same Atsumi Peninsula.

There are many inquiries from local restaurants, and I know that there are no butcher shops that handle professionally in the Higashi-Mikawa area.
We consulted with "Watanabe Farm", one of the production farmers, who had to play a role in the commercial flow.
We will be able to handle and promote products.

Local and visitors to Tahara City for sightseeing, Tahara pigs and cows,
Have you taste "Tahara pork" and "Irago Black Beef".

"Tahara City has a lot of delicious food as well as agricultural and livestock production."

And I will continue to be able to remember.
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