2023January 2008


Thank you very much for your understanding of G Farm's activities. As a new initiative for 2023, from the online shop, 1 fresh delivery per month "Laughing pork delivery -WARATON BIN- Let's start! The concept of the kitchen car is also "laughing pork" If you eat delicious "pork" meat and spend a "fun" time, everyone will have a "laugh" face! It has the meaning of. "Tahara Pork" is a brand pork produced only by our company G. Farm, so we could not buy it at a large supermarket, and we were just receiving a customer asking "Where can I buy it?" In addition to enjoying it at restaurants and our kitchen car, we want you to enjoy "Tahara Pork" at home! It all started with that thought. From now on, we will deliver it with recommended recipes according to the season. And seasonal vegetables from Tahara Pork's hometown "Tahara City" will also be included with the cooperation of Roadside Station Tahara Mekkun. The first time this month..."Tonkatsu and Spring Cabbage" Tahara pork boasts the gentleness of the fat. Thick-sliced loin tonkatsu can fully feel its umami and lips. Please enjoy it with spring cabbage with the sweet potato that is in season now. Laughing Pork Flight January | "Win! Tonkatsu and spring cabbage" This page was automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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