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We will sell "Tahara Pork Rape Blossom Wiener Gift".

During this season, tens of thousands of rape blossoms bloom in Tahara City, our Atsumi Peninsula. The contrast of the refreshing yellow gives the spring and the healing of the heart. This time, we will sell gifts that are perfect for this season from G Farm's 6th industrial brand "Dairoku Meat Processing Plant ~ DAIROKU~". "Tahara Pork Rape Blossom Wiener Gift" 2,000 yen including tax (additional postage ¥1,000) It is a gift set with 4 packs of "Rape blossom wiener" made only at this time of year. "Rape blossom wiener" boldly kneaded with rape blossoms is a popular product that the best match is the flavor of bittersweet and Tahara pork. In addition, we will deliver postcards that take a picture of tahara's rape blossom fields and pressed flowers made of Tahara rape blossoms. Rape blossom wiener, postcard, and change are all handmade works in Tahara. This year, it has become difficult to move freely as before, and there are fewer people who can go to Tahara. In Tahara, rape blossoms are blooming energeticly. I hope to be able to deliver the healing of such rape blossoms even a little. And when the rape blossoms bloom energeticy next year, please come to Tahara City. Dairoku Meat Processing Factory Online Shop is here ※A part of the sales of this gift will be donated to Tahara City for next year's Rape Blossom Festival as "Rape Blossom Fund". Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.



I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued patronage. This time, the website has been renewed. We will strive to further enhance the contents, so thank you very much in the future. Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

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