Tahara Pork


Tahara Pork

01. Local varieties
In π water


In addition, in the drinking water, "high-quality groundwater π(Pie)Water" is given. By doing so, water is drained to every corner of the cell, and a juicy meat quality that does not pasapasa is born.

02. It's good for the environment and for pigs.
Smoothies of potato, wheat and rice

Pig feed is generally formulated feed using corn from feed manufacturers as the main raw material, but Tahara pork is a unique blend of food by-products made from potatoes, wheat, rice, etc. using a special machine to provide liquid feed like smoothies.
There are many difficult parts to make food according to the situation every day while looking at the season, the weather, and the growth of pigs, but I feel that it is of great significance as a pig farming business.

飼料 飼料

03. For safety and deliciousness

In order to prevent the occurrence of pathogens, activated carbon was buried in the basement of the rest house. Before and after entering the building, we always take care of pathogens, such as always trying to disinfect them.
In addition, temperature, humidity, and ventilation are computer-controlled, and the inside of the building is always at an appropriate temperature.
The pork of Tahara pork is always brought up with love to the people of the farm so as not to stress in a clean environment, healthy, and comfortable environment.

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